The Journalism Pathway at TJ gives students hands-on experience with interviewing, drafting, editing, and publishing relevant writing. Students read, write, and collaborate on projects related to current events, both locally and globally. Students learn to be more critical consumers of media as they develop and hone their writing skills. Heavy on collaboration, this pathway allows student leaders/editors to manage groups of students and work on their leadership and editing skills while improving their own writing.

Journalism Pathway Information

Digital Media/Tech Foundations (Level 1) This introductory course will give students an introduction to Journalism, Mass Media, and Digital Media Arts. The course will also provide the computer skills necessary for the various productions and publications at TJ. Material to be covered includes but is not limited to: desktop publishing, graphics, video and audio editing, web design, programming, technical writing, and formal and informal presentations. Students must complete a portfolio based on coursework, and obtain the instructor recommendations in order to be considered for further classes in the CCT program.

Journalism  (Level 2)–The rise of technology has drastically changed the way society is informed. This course will address everything from the history and ethics of Journalism to being thoughtful and discerning consumers of current news and social media. Students will read, write, discuss and debate. Students will learn to proofread, edit, and critique the work of their peers. This course will help to create confident writers and critical thinkers.

Newspaper  (Level 3-4)– In this yearlong course, students will write and publish articles in the online school newspaper, The Thomas Jefferson Journal, that are intended to inform, entertain, and enrich the TJ community. Students will be given assignments in the general areas of News, Community, Sports, Living & Arts, and Photojournalism, among others. Students will benefit from instruction in journalistic style and mechanics as a group, in addition to receiving intensive, individual feedback and instruction on their specific writing performance. It is our goal to train students to be excellent writers and reporters (in both style and mechanics). We believe that students will find their college and/or career paths to be highly enriched by their experience on the Journal staff.

Instructor: Eileen Adair (She/her)
Phone: 720-423-7103
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Graduate Degree: MA in Secondary English Education, University of Colorado at Denver: 2011

Undergraduate Degree: BA in English, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR: 1999

Endorsements: Colorado Dept. Education
•Secondary Language Arts
•Career Technology Education (CTE) Endorsement in Journalism and Broadcasting
•Career Technology Education (CTE) Endorsement in Education and Training

I have been teaching at TJ since 2005! Before TJ I worked at an Event Planning firm as an Account Executive. In my free time I enjoy playing music and creating art with fused and stained glass.

Students who study in the Journalism Pathway receive training that can lead to the following jobs: Associate:Photojournalism , News writing, reporting and interviewing, Copyediting, Public speaking, Cultural diversity and the media, Feature writing, Writing for online media. Bachelor’s: Introduction to reporting, Introduction to advertising, Introduction to public relations, News editing, Online journalism, Feature writing, Media law, Popular music and society, TV documentary journalism

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