The TJ Business & Marketing Pathway is designed as a 4-year program with multiple entry points for students to learn about employment skills in the 21st Century. Entry level courses for all grade levels include the Business & Marketing Essentials course and the Marketing 1 course, where the emphasis will be on general business & marketing concepts, soft skill development, and project based learning. Upper level courses include Marketing 2 & the Business Practicum courses, where students start to apply the knowledge they have acquired by developing a business plan and also operating the DECA School Store on a daily basis. 

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Level 1 Course: Business & Marketing Essentials – 82000: Business & Marketing Essentials covers an array of topics and concepts related to the field of business while developing Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness skills. This course introduces business concepts such as finance, economics and the role of government in business, consumerism, investment, entrepreneurship, management and marketing.

Level 2 Course: Marketing 1 – 82020: Marketing 1 emphasizes the 7 marketing functions; the nature of selling and selling process, from approaching the customer to follow-up techniques; and business ethics and government regulations. 

Level 3 Course: Marketing 2 – 82022: Marketing 2 emphasizes marketing functions and strategies; promotion and advertising, public relations, publicity, types of promotions, print media, and visual merchandising; and business plans.  This course also covers career and employability skills necessary to be successful in a marketing career.

Level 4 Course: Business Practicum – 82027: Business Practicum allows 4th year seniors to put their academic knowledge from the previous 3 levels of the pathway to practical use by operating the school store; cash handling; customer service; inventory controls; pricing and merchandising; production & quality control; and financial record keeping. This course also covers career and employability skills necessary to be successful in a marketing career.

Instructor: Matt Nicolo (he/him)

Phone Number: 720.423.7161 Teacher Email


BS Kinesiology – Cal State University Fullerton

Teaching Certificate – Metro State University (Business & Marketing)

Career & Technical Education – Colorado State University

Endorsements: Colorado Dept. Education
CTE Audio/Video/Film Technology; CTE Journalism and Broadcasting; CTE Performing Arts; CTE Printing and Publishing; CTE Telecommunications; CTE Visual and Design Arts; Music (K-12)


This will be my 22nd year at Thomas Jefferson High School. Family and Faith are the most important things in my life and I am very fortunate to have met my wife (Mrs. Nicolo – PE Teacher) … RIGHT HERE AT TJ! We have 2 beautiful children named Giovanni (4) & Gianna (1) and they will be a part of my daily conversations because they are teaching me something new every single day. We also have 2 big, beautiful dogs named Tark and JoJo that love to wrestle and cuddle whenever the opportunity arises.

I began my TJ Journey in 2002 as a substitute teacher & football coach (14 years as Assistant Head Coach). I am currently the Business Teacher and DECA Advisor, as well as the DECA District 3 Coordinator. Over the past 21 years, TJ has had over 1,200 students compete at the District Level, 450 at the State Level, and 49 at the International Level. Just last year we were very fortunate to have the 1st State DECA President from DPS in more than 34 Years (Kate Jordan Little), so TJ DECA has some pretty impressive statistics in the DECA arena.

Before joining TJ I was a college football coach for 5 years (Fullerton College) and entrepreneur in Southern California. My business experience includes owning & operating my own franchise (Juice Stop Palm Springs), partner/owner in a distribution company (Mongo Distribution), and serving as Vice President of Operations at Juice Stop International for 9 years. My daily responsibilities as VP for Juice Stop included overseeing 114 locations in 14 different states, training new franchisees, and establishing operational guidelines for the company. Most of my daily lessons will bring “Real World” scenarios that I have personally been involved with, hopefully bringing a little credibility to the classroom setting. I believe in creating an environment that will encourage our students to develop soft skills necessary for future employment through business models that are relevant and realistic.

My goal as an educator is to provide a safe environment for all students, to create lasting relationships based on trust and transparency, and finally to help each student enjoy their high school experience through their exploration of business & marketing.

I can’t wait to meet all of you and welcome to the Thomas Jefferson Spartan Family…Once A Spartan, Always A Spartan!


There are countless different careers that the student can become a part of after the CCT Business class. These careers are primarily categorized into 4 sections:

Marketing: This would be careers like Marketing Communications, Mechandising and Proffesional Selling

Business Managment/Administration: This would be jobs like General Management, Human resources Management and Administrative Services

Finance: Careers like Accountant, Financial Sales Agent and Personal Financial Advisor

Hospitality and Tourism: Jobs in tourism and travel, event or restauraunt management, lodging (hotel management)

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