Audio production

Audio production

This is a hands-on, project-based pathway in which students are introduced to the tools and skills of audio production and music theory. In this pathway, students will learn to make a variety of audio products using Apple’s Logic Pro audio software on TJ’s state of the art Mac Audio Lab computers and recording spaces.

Audio Production Pathway Information


Audio Production I– In this introductory course students learn about recording and editing audio, as well as the manipulation of audio and MIDI files to create increasingly complex projects that range from simple voice recordings to multi-track musical pieces.

Audio Production II– In this intermediate level course students engage in a wide variety of audio explorations with a focus on form, function, and post production.  Projects in this level range from explorations of sampling, studio recording, automation of effects and plug-ins, and mixing/mastering audio.

Music Production and Audio Engineering Practicum- This is a hands-on, self directed course in which students design, implement, and produce projects of their own design.  All projects at this level are designed to be publicly released, and each individual student has great control over the process, while receiving support and guidance from the instructor.

Instructor: Mark Mallaney (he/him)
Phone: 720-423-7164
E-mail address:


BA- Anthropology; University of Colorado, Boulder

MA- Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education; University of Colorado, Denver

Endorsements: Colorado Dept. Education

Instrumental Music, Spanish, Multilingual Education, English, and Social Studies.

I was born and raised in Ohio and made my way to Colorado to study in Boulder after a short stint in the Recording Industry program at Middle Tennessee State University.  During my time in Boulder I discovered my love of language and travel while continuing to cultivate my musicality, songwriting, and recording skills. Though I focused my studies on Anthropology and Spanish, I was playing in several ensembles in a variety of styles and picking up work drumming live and in the studio throughout my time in Boulder. Life took me to Oaxaca for a stint as an English teacher and then back to Denver Public Schools where I spent 13 years teaching Spanish at both TJ and the Denver School of the Arts.  Deep in the heart of the Covid 19 pandemic I found myself writing, arranging, and recording music in my home studio as both a way to pass the time in the absence of live musical collaborations, and as an escape into creativity and a rekindling of a deeply held interest.  It was during this time that I realized the joy music production brings to my life could be combined with my passion for teaching.  It was then and there that the seeds of what would become the TJHS Audio Production program were sown, and today as we enter our third year I could not be more proud of what the students and I are creating here at TJ. Everyday I get to engage a diverse group of brilliant and creative young folks as they too pursue the joy of producing audio and making music!

Students who study in the Design Pathway receive training that can lead to the following jobs: Audio Engineer/Producer, Sound Designer, Audio and Video Equipment Technician, Sound Engineering Technican, Broadcast Technician, and Film and video Editor.

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