Drill Team

Our competitive drill team travels to compete against other schools at multiple drill meets in 4 different events. The events include Exhibition, a freestyle competition, Regulation, where we must follow the given commands exactly, and Inspection, where our uniforms and rifles are inspected carefully. 

Honor Platoon

The Unarmed Drill Team (also known as Honor Platoon) participates in competitions performing what is known as inspection, regulation, and exhibition. The team perform beats and drill for these events which sets them apart from the other teams. They perform cool beats  showing what they have been practicing for the months prior.


The Marksmanship team is our shooting team. Participating in the prone, kneeling, standing positions. The competition is judged over accuracy and the time that is required to complete their shots before the time is over. Winning consists of both a team effort and individual effort.

Raider Team

This is the first year we’ve had a Raider team at TJ in a long time so it’s just getting started up. We have opportunities to travel to Wyoming and Florida. The practices are before school once every other week. It is a team sport that involves a relay race where you and your team will do sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and a half mile run.

Color Guard

Color Guard is a detachment of cadets assigned to the protection of regimental colors and the national flag. As “regimental colorguard” we present the colors during reminental events. They also participate in competitions.