About Us

We are the Thomas Jefferson Army Junior Reserve Training Corps (AJROTC), proudly 5th Regiment’s 8th Battalion. This website contains information cadets (and parents) need to know.

What is JROTC?

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a program that prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as U.S. Citizens. Each unit is assigned under a military branch. Here at Thomas Jefferson our branch is Army, making us one of the 10 JROTC units in the DPS district. 


As the year progresses we indulge in various activities both in and out of class. During Class we conduct PT (physical training), which counts towards a P.E. credit, uniform inspections, and team building exercises. Outside of class our teams participate in competitions, and head to head with different schools locally, regionally, and nationally. Our cadets also participate in community service events which gives them community service hours. 

History of JROTC

Our unit was established along with the school in 1960. Through the decades Thomas Jefferson High school has worked hard to meet JROTC’s mission. Helping high school students graduate being better leaders and citizens.