Hello new and returning cadets! This is our JROTC newsletter that will share information about upcoming and past JROTC and TJ events this school year. We’ve had this newsletter in past years however due to there being such little access to the newsletter the majority of cadets have not known about it.

Summer Camp

JROTC Cadet Leadership Camp (JCLC) 2022 took place from June 6th to June 10th at Fort Carson near Colorado Springs. This experience saw cadets from all around Colorado and New Mexico staying on base, eating in the dining hall, and participating in a multitude of activities on topics ranging from outdoor skills to leadership and teambuilding. Favorite activities included rappelling down the 10th Special Forces Group’s 40 foot practice tower and Static Displays of Military Vehicles and Aircraft. JCLC 2022 was a great experience for all cadets who attended, and JCLC 2023 is sure to be bigger and better than every year before.​

Meet the Staff!

Battalion Commander: James Mills

As the Battalion Commander I oversee the entire battalion, and make important decisions such as deciding on the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). I Communicate with The Executive Officer (XO) as to what the other members of staff need to be doing.

Executive officer: Nathan Perl

As the Executive Officer of the 8th battalion I manage the staff and ensure orders given by the instructors are communicated and followed through by the staff.

S-1, Personnel Officer: Luis Flores-Garcia

I am the S-1, this means I am the personnel officer. I offer administrative support to the entirety of the battalion. I am responsible for maintaining cadet personal information and getting details updated on JROTC Unit Management System (JUMS). I keep all of the cadets files up to date with all of the necessary documents in the filing cabinet in the range. I also publish awards and promotion orders when appropriate.

S-2, Security Officer: Victoria Amaya

As the security officer (S-2) on staff I am responsible for the physical security of weapons and sensitive items. I conduct a daily visual inventory of all sensitive items and weapons. Every month I conduct a serial number inventory and ammunition inventory. After doing inspections, I report violations to the Battalion commander and SAI.

S-3, Training and Operations Officer: Axel Elsner

As the S-3 on staff, I am responsible for keeping track of scheduling and keeping everyone up to date. I make the training schedules that you can find in the classrooms. I also make and send out tasking orders and I input events into JUMS to get everyone the hours of service they do with the company.

S-4, Logistics Officer: Hannah Tedla

As the Logistics Officer I maintain the Battalion’s uniforms and supply. I must ensure that all cadet uniforms are accounted for and kept track of as well as keeping track of any and all hand receipts issued. I also keep organization of the supply and team rooms and their inventory.

S-5, Information Publication Officer: Gabriel Davis-Johnson

As the Publication Officer I’m in charge of publishing the newsletter, Taking pictures and videos of JROTC events throughout the year and keeping our presented trophies up to date.

S-6, Technology Management Officer: Alex Mitchell

As the Technology Management Officer, I am in charge of keeping track of the battalion’s inventory, managing technology, running the website, and various other tech-support related activities.